Aufbauseminar (Module: WSF-polw-7 und 8): Technological Warfare: An Introduction to the Warfare of the Future Date


As warfare and battlefields have evolved, so has the technology we use to wage war. In the past twenty-some years, the scope of technology used on and off the battlefield has exploded. From weaponized drone strikes to robots who diffuse bombs, the role technology plays in combat - and its command - cannot be ignored. This seminar will focus not only on the technology used in warfare, but also on it's impact on both combat and society. Special emphasis will be placed on weaponized drones.



For successful participation in the seminar, the following conditions must be met:

  • Active participation, including regular attendance
  • 10 minute presentation (with a partner) on an approved topic OR three 2-page literature critiques
  • 12-15 page research paper on an approved topic