Aufbauseminar (Module WSF-polw-7 und 8): Drug Trafficking. Regional Compliance of Global Norms


Norms diffuse through different channels and are promoted by diverse entities. In the past decade, International Relations scholars have been gradually more interested in the process of norm dynamics at the international level. Nonetheless, the process of compliance and contestation of norms at the national and regional levels has not been thoroughly scrutinized, yet. Our seminar will depart from such a theoretical stance. We will tackle an urgent transnational issue that is currently widely discussed both in the media (drug trafficking) and in the realm of IR (International Norm Diffusion and local compliance). We will be particularly concerned with two regions. On the one hand, Latin America (with special emphasis on the Andes and Mexico) and the Balkans/Turkey. On the other hand, two key players will shed light on our analysis, the US and EU as norm promoters of drug prohibition. It will be a multidisciplinary seminar at the crossroads of International Relations and Comparative Politics. Participants from surrounding disciplines (History, Latin American studies, Law and Sociology) are especially welcome. The language of instruction will be English.



To be announced. Please contact the lecturer at for information about the potential contents of the seminar, particularly concerning questions on Comparative Politics, Interdependence and/or International Norm Diffusion. The language of instruction will be English.