Globalization and Politics in Advanced Democracies (Module: MR-2 Regieren im Vergleich, MR-4 und IPIR-2)


Outline This seminar analyzes the connection between globalization processes and selected politically relevant phenomena in advanced democracies. We will deal with different aspects of globalization (trade openness, free movement of capital, regional integration, the world financial and economic crises of 2007ff) and relate them to political competition, electoral participation, support for populist parties and other issues. Our main focus will be on advanced developed democracies.



Requirements: Regular attendance, avid class participation, presentation and term paper. Note: The class will be taught in English.


Readings: All readings will be made available on Olat. Please register through Olat in order to gain access to the readings. In addition, the library will put some of the titles we will be using in class on reserve (“Semesterapparat”)