Aufbauseminar (Module WSF-polw-7 und 8): Advanced Approaches to Qualitative Research


The aim of this seminar is to give students a foundation in qualitative methodology and research design that can be applied to their own research. It is meant for students who have already taken a basic course in research methodology, and wish to further their understanding of qualitative methods, specifically small-N comparative case study design and data collection strategies that are suited for qualitative research. Additionally, students will be introduced to more specialized types of analysis, such as process tracing, content analysis, thematic analysis and grounded theory. The course is designed for students who wish to gain hands-on experience with the various research methods.



The course will be conducted entirely in English, including lectures, assignments and readings. While deemed an advanced course, the course does not require students to have significant knowledge in qualitative research design. Students are encouraged to contact the instructor via e-mail ( if they have any questions about the requirements. Examination criteria: 2,5 credits: Attendance & Participation (40%) and Presentations (two, each worth 30%) 5 credits: Attendance & Participation (20%), Presentations (two, each worth 15%) and a Final Research Project (50%; due 15/08/2014) Die Anmeldung zu dem Seminar erfolgt online über OLAT, die zentrale Lernplattform der CAU Kiel ( Die Anmeldung beginnt am 1.3.14 und endet am 31.03.14. Weitere Informationen zum Anmeldungsprozess finden sich auf der Webseite des Instituts für Sozialwissenschaften/Bereich Politik (