Comparative Transnational Migration and Immigration (Aufbauseminar WSF-polw-7 und 8 und Magister Hauptseminar, und MIG VII 2))


The movement of people across borders is one of the greatest results of globalization in the contemporary world. The impact of these movements has far-reaching ramifications, not only for the country to which the migrants settle, but also the country they leave. The handling of the ramifications varies from country to country, but is subject of debate in every country. This seminar will focus on these issues by looking to three key aspects of migration and immigration: movement, settlement and control in various countries around the world.



The seminar will be conducted entirely in English, and will include lectures, group discussions, student presentations and written essays. This course is available to both political science students, as well as students from the Migration und Diversität program (module # Mig VII 2). Priority, however, will be given to political science students. The first day of class will be on 18.04.2012.